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Looking to cut your reliance on the grid? Solar batteries are your energy independence answer.

Store Your Energy

Never Go Without Power Again

Do you already have solar panels on your home that are creating excess energy? Are you looking to make the switch to solar and become energy independent? Do you live in an area with inclement weather where you are subject to power outages? Are you looking to cut your carbon footprint? If you answered yes to any of these questions then solar batteries may be the answer for your home.

Solar batteries are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners as they are seeing continuously rising electricity rates for the same service year over year. If you have made the switch to solar for powering your home then adding a solar battery may be the next logical step in your energy independence journey. If you are considering adding solar panels to your home then looking into a solar battery is a logical step especially as solar batteries continue to decrease in price year over year.

Benefits Of Solar Batteries

Energy Independence

The day you install a solar battery you immediately decrease your reliability on your utility company. If you were subject to blackouts that lasted days you can kiss those days goodbye. While your neighbors are without power you can continue to have access to Wifi, not worry about food spoiling in the refrigerator and keep the lights on. Your home will continue to produce power normally and avoid a halt in your energy productio. The next time there is inclement weather you can welcome that weather with the expectation that your normal lifestyle will not suddenly be on the utility companies timeline.

Upgrade From A Gas Generator

The two major differences are noise and cost. Solar batteries are soundless backup energy, while gas generators bring noise pollution into your environment. Also with their reliance on gas you need to keep track of fuel usage and open up your wallet in order to operate. Solar batteries give you peace of mind, avoid accumulation of cost over time, avoid noise pollution and don’t add to your carbon footprint.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

To continue on the topic of carbon footprint a solar battery paired with solar panels exponentially decreases your carbon footprint. Solar panels together with solar batteries increase your probability that you will be able to completely power your home with renewable energy by storing energy year round so you have restores in low producing energy months. Solar batteries also open up your capabilities to further decrease your carbon footprint by going net zero.

Solar Batteries Made Simple

  • Monthly Savings On Your Electricity Bills 
    • With electricity rates continuing to climb at unprecedented levels, Massachusetts homeowners have found that installing solar panels is a smart way to save money. Solar energy provides an immediate cost reduction on monthly bills and long-term savings, allowing households in the 4th highest priced state for electricity (Massachusetts) – as well as Rhode Island ranked 5th – more financial stability by producing their own energy supply from rooftop or ground mount systems. Homeowners looking for ways to save money have found solar panels are an efficient solution that creates long-term savings. Instead of paying the local electricity company for your energy supply you are supplying your own energy from your roof or ground mount solar panels. Your solar panel installation will create enough energy to cover your monthly electricity usage so you no longer need to pay your energy provider for their energy. This means the constantly increasing electricity bill you have will now be delivered with ‘No Payment Due’ and in some cases adding credits to your account for overproduction! 
  • Lifetime Of Financial and Environmental Savings 
    • By investing in solar panels, you can save an average of $60,000 over 25 years – money that would have gone towards rising electricity bills. With a locked-in rate or loan fee for the lifetime of your solar panel system, energy costs are predictable and secure while contributing to a cleaner environment. Massachusetts households further benefit from price increases since their locked-in rates remain unchanged; whenever there’s an increase on other sources of energy such as natural gas – savings add up fast with no extra effort required! By creating your own energy through purchasing solar panels, you avoid paying rising electricity rates that change with the price of natural gas. In most cases, you pay a locked-in rate or loan fee for the lifetime of your solar panels. In 2022, the average price of electricity rose 7.5% from 2021, which meant more expensive electricity bills. With solar in Massachusetts, everytime the price increase that is additional savings for your household since your price stays the same. Once your solar panels are paid off, your electricity is completely free. Installing solar panels provides an unparalleled opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. The average home-installed solar panel system produces 7,000 Watts of power – equivalent to offsetting the same amount of CO2 emissions as planting 180 mature trees annually! Solar energy is not only efficient and environmentally friendly but also allows you continue living with minimal disruption.
  • Option To Lease Solar Panels or Purchase Solar Panels 
    • Consider carefully whether lease or buy solar panels – the decision can have long-term ramifications. With leasing, you get your system without upfront costs and a lower monthly payment than your current electricity bill. However, if energy prices rise over time as part of the contract agreement in a leased panel situation, it could result in more expensive payments down the line. 
    • When you purchase solar panels there is an upfront cost which is usually paid for with a loan or cash. However, the total cost of solar will be offset by solar incentives. There are both federal solar tax credits and Massachusetts solar incentives available. These programs will decrease the total cost of solar panels and increase your savings each month and over the lifetime of your solar panels. When leasing solar panels, homeowners do not qualify for these incentives or the ability to create credits which adds up to a lot of added money over the lifetime of your solar panel installation. 
  • How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? 
    • Installing solar panels at home begins with considering what factors make up a unique installation. From energy consumption to the number of panels and whether you buy or lease them, Isaksen Solar is here to help. When it’s time for your consultation, get an accurate picture of cost without any commitment – we provide free customized quotes so that installing solar can become reality!
  • Truth About Solar Panels
    • Homeowners have an important choice to make when it comes to solar panel installation. To ensure the best results and a good experience, they should take their time finding experienced professionals who specialize in MA or RI projects – whether by searching “solar companies near me” online or consulting with experts like Isaksen Solar. Investing some effort upfront can save homeowners valuable resources later on while guaranteeing the highest quality solution tailored specifically for them.


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